Choosing an Exceptional Agent

So, you’ve made the decision to sell your property. What next? When selling your Spanish home, there are several things that are critical;

The Price, The Agent, The Property, The Location.

Of these four things, you are in control of three of them, the FIRST three.

Achieving a sale at a premium price in the quickest possible time frame can only be done when the marketing of your property is done to a high standard. Unfortunately there are many estate agents that will simply put your property online, often with poor quality photo, no professional video and wait for the phone to ring. There is so much more that can be done…

Showing your property in its best light.

First impressions count, a potential buyer will be scrolling through hundreds of homes. Yours has to stand out or a buyer will simply scroll past. Would you be tempted by a popery with poor quality photos, closed curtains, the washing up left on the side? It’s the same for buyers, Knowing what buyers want and making the right choices for marketing are just one of the things we are here to help you with.

Here at Hola Properties, all our photos are taken with professional grade equipment and lenses. Drone photography and video are also used to show off the views around your home.

Professionally Edited Video Tour.

Professionally edited video tours are an essential requirement nowadays, especially for international buyers.

This enables buyers to do online viewings from anywhere in the world. These are essential for international buyers, when making the decision to book flights and come to visit your property, a high quality video tour is a must in todays market place. Poor quality , wobbly videos that have been cobbled together on a mobile phone will not do you any favours. In fact many buyers are put off by this and think that the lack of attention to detail reflects badly on the property.

Proactively targeting buyers for your property.

Social media is incredibly important and as standard, Hola Properties will plan a bespoke social media campaign for you on Facebook and Instagram. This campaign on average reaches 30,000 people!! So many of our buyers are international and through specific targeted marketing we can get your proeprty in front of more people who are speciifcally interested in your location.

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Thinking of moving?

If you would like help selling your property in a safe, secure and transparent way, just pop your details into the form below and we can arrange a suitable time to have an informal chat about the best way to achieve your goals.

There is a secret clue to knowing if an agent really does this or just pretends, ask us to find out the secret for yourself.