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Motril is a coastal town located in the province of Granada, in the Andalusia region of southern Spain. With a population of around 40,000 people, Motril is the largest town on the Costa Tropical, and is known for its beautiful beaches, lively atmosphere, and rich cultural heritage.

One of the best things about Motril is its location, which offers easy access to the mountains, the coast, and the city of Granada. The town is situated just a few miles from the Sierra Nevada Mountains, which offer some of the best hiking and skiing in Spain. At the same time, Motril is just a short drive from the Mediterranean coast, with miles of sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters.

Motril is also a great place to experience the history and culture of Andalusia. The town has a rich cultural heritage, with a number of museums, galleries, and historical sites to explore. The old town of Motril, with its narrow streets and historic buildings, is a particularly interesting area to explore, with a number of cafes, shops, and restaurants to enjoy.

Despite its small size, Motril has a thriving cultural scene, with a number of festivals and events throughout the year. The town is home to a number of music and dance schools, as well as a popular jazz festival and a summer concert series. Motril is also a great place to sample the local cuisine, with a range of restaurants and cafes offering traditional Andalusian dishes and seafood specialties.

Overall, Motril is a vibrant and friendly town, offering a unique blend of rural charm and coastal energy. Whether you are looking for a peaceful retreat or an exciting adventure, Motril is an ideal destination for visitors of all ages.


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