Postal service

Get packages delivered if you’re at work

Parcels and post are all welcome.


You’re out at work and need something delivered. You live off-grid and need an official postal address. You need something signed for but you won’t be in. Whatever the reason, we are here. Our office in the centre of Lanjarón can be your address. We will even notify you by email when something arrives.

In conjunction with your digital certificate, if you receive post that is clearly from the DGT (Dirección General de Tráfico – Spain’s DVLA) for example, we can open it and get any fines paid for you straightaway. This means you will save a lot of money as there is an early repayment discount.

The Correos (post office) do offer this service as well but it is more expensive and they prefer to not receive parcels. They also do not notify you, which means you can incur late fees or miss out on correspondence.

A whole year of deliveries, signing on your behalf, and even sorting any fines, just give us a few quick details and once we’ve received cleared funds of €60, you can use our address below as your own.

Hola Properties
Calle Senor de la Expiracion 48 bajo

Please use our phone number too so the delivery services can contact us if necessary. (+34) 620 18 87 76

Standard Rates

€45 an hour
Telephone calls €6 + time at standard rate
For quotes over €100, we request half to be paid up front and then half on completion of the work.
Translations: 0.4c a word; 0.6c a word for legal, medical or educational documents (these are for personal use only).