Translation Services

Translation Service

There are lots of reasons you may need translation services.

We’ve suggested a lot of different circumstances below. However, this is not an exhaustive list so if you need something else, please just get in touch.

We predominately offer Spanish language translation services from English (and vice versa). We can also source translators for other languages so please get in touch if you need something different.

What can we do?

• Translation of property surveys

• Translation of the Official State Bulletin (BOJA)

• TXT/WhatsApp translation

• Translation of press releases

• Translation of web content

• Translation for property emergencies

• Mortgage translations

• Translation with private contractors

• Translation of bank related documents (investments, share and stocks)

• Translations of private post

• Translation for scrapping vehicles

• Translation of birthing plans

• Translation of funeral plans

• Translation for signing on to social aid

• Translation of local services

• Translation of CVs

• Translation of job contracts

• Translation with social workers

• Translation of rental agreements

• Translation for event organisation

• Translation of tourism documents

• Translation for book keepers

• Translation of 3rd party documents

• Translation of government grants

• Translation of personal allegations for different socio-political movements

• Translation of fines

• Translation of any questions relating to bills and quota changes

• Translation of procedures required for the entry to certain countries (visas, obligatory vaccinations)

• Translation of police statements

• Translation of intermediary services between contractors and Town Hall or other governmental bodies

• Translation and organisation of shipping services

• Translation of proposals with the Mayor

• On site translation for council meetings with the various departments

• Translation of builders plans and project documentation

• Translation for building projects

• On site translation for the in-person installation of telephone, electrical or internet lines.

• Translation of Catastro letters

• Translation of state communications

• Translation of moving services

• On site translation for the voting process and documentation required

• Legal translation for the emergency services (not yet for in court)

0.4c a word

• Translation of victim/witness statements (Personal use only)

• Translation of legal documentation (Personal use only)

• Translation of medical documentation (Personal use only)

0.6c a word

Standard Rates

€45 an hour
Telephone calls €6 + time at standard rate
For quotes over €100, we request half to be paid up front and then half on completion of the work.
Translations: 0.4c a word; 0.6c a word for legal, medical or educational documents (these are for personal use only).