Casa Roma – The one with an incredible journey

The Remarkable Journey of Casa Roma in the Lecrin Valley: From Unfinished Dreams to Real Estate Triumph


The Backstory

Casa Roma in the Lecrin Valley wasn’t just a property; it was a dream in the making. Back in 2007, the seller had grand visions for the house, which was originally a stable with living quarters on top. Fueled by this vision, they began an ambitious reform project, demolishing most of the internal structure to make way for a modern, comfortable living space. However, life had other plans. Work commitments took the seller away to Northern Spain, leaving the renovation project incomplete. The stress and worry of having an unfinished property weighed heavily on them for years.

The Challenge

Fast forward to the present, and Casa Roma was still in need of significant reform. The original owner had initially enlisted the help of an old-style estate agent, who did little more than list the property and wait. Worse yet, the agent hadn’t properly checked the paperwork and even told the seller that the house would be “impossible to sell.” After years of stagnation and growing impatience, the seller knew it was time for a change.

The Turning Point

Enter Angela from Hola Properties. The seller had heard glowing recommendations and seen Angela’s engaging social media presence. Intrigued, they decided to consult her for help. From the first meeting, it was clear that Angela was different. Her extensive marketing knowledge and the global network of agents that Hola Properties collaborates with impressed the seller immediately.

The Strategy

Angela wasted no time. She meticulously reviewed all the paperwork, clearing up any ambiguities that the previous agent had overlooked. Then, she crafted a comprehensive marketing plan tailored for Casa Roma. The property was a challenging sell, given its need for total renovation. The seller had even considered taking on the renovation themselves but found it impractical due to their distance from the property.

The Breakthrough

After several viewings, Angela noticed a pattern in the feedback from potential buyers. She promptly conducted a marketing review with the seller, addressing the issues head-on. This strategic pivot paid off almost immediately, resulting in two offers the following week!

One of the game-changers was a full video tour produced by Hola Properties. Angela even went the extra mile to obtain full quotes for the renovation project, allowing buyers to have a realistic budget.

The Triumph

The seller was beyond impressed with Angela’s proactive approach, structured feedback, and, most importantly, the quick sale of Casa Roma where others had failed.

In the end, Casa Roma wasn’t just a house; it was a project, a vision, and ultimately, a dream come true for both the seller and the new owner. All thanks to Angela and the exceptional team at Hola Properties.

If you’re stuck in a rut with your property sale, maybe it’s time to say “Hola” to a new approach. 🏡✨

The story of Casa Roma serves as a testament to the power of proactive real estate marketing and the importance of never giving up on your dreams, no matter how long they take to materialize.

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