Success story of selling a cortijo in Spain

The one with no time wasted

Helen* was determined to sell her stunning Cortijo, nestled in the beautiful Spanish countryside above Lanjaron. However, she was wary of using a real estate agent due to negative past experiences. So, she decided to sell her property herself.

Unfortunately, after several months of struggling, she found herself dealing with a lot of people who were not serious buyers or lacked the funds to purchase the property. It was a frustrating and disappointing experience for Helen.

A friend of hers recommended Hola Properties, a reputable real estate agency with a strong track record of helping clients sell their properties quickly and efficiently. Helen contacted Hola Properties and spoke to one of their expert agents.

The agent immediately understood Helen’s situation and listened carefully to her concerns. The agent reassured her that Hola Properties could help her by qualifying a wide range of international buyers who were serious about purchasing a property in Spain and avoiding the tire kickers that she had experienced so far.

Hola Properties quickly got to work, creating a beautiful video tour, agreeing a marketing plan and conducting viewings of the Cortijo, and showcasing its unique features and beautiful surroundings. They also employed their vast network of international agents to help source qualified buyers and using their expertise to attract serious buyers from around the world.

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Within a short space of time, Hola Properties found a suitable buyer for Helens Cortijo, and the sale was completed smoothly and efficiently. The agent helped Helen through all the paperwork and legal challenges involved in the sale, making the process stress-free and straightforward.

Helen was thrilled with the service provided by Hola Properties. She was grateful for the agent’s professionalism, expertise, and support throughout the entire process. The sale of her Cortijo was a tremendous success, and it was all thanks to the hard work and dedication of the Hoal Properties team.

* name changed to protect identities

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