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The one that was frustrated!

How Angela from Hola Properties Turned Frustration into Success: A Story of Selling a Stale House Listing

Selling a house can be a daunting task, especially when previous attempts have yielded no results. Inherited properties, like the one this family had, often carry sentimental value, making the selling process even more emotionally charged. The frustration of unsuccessful attempts can lead to doubt and stress, as was the case with this family. However, their luck turned around when Angela from Hola Properties stepped in with a fresh perspective and a proactive approach. Let’s delve into the inspiring success story of how Angela helped this family sell their house after years of frustration.

A Long Road of Unsuccessful Attempts

Several years ago, this family inherited a house with hopes of eventually selling it. However, despite listing the property with multiple agents, their efforts to sell had been in vain. No offers were coming in, and worse, there was a lack of communication from the agents about potential buyer feedback. This left the family feeling increasingly frustrated, and they began to lose hope that their property would ever find a buyer.

Enter Angela from Hola Properties

Enter Angela, a real estate professional from Hola Properties, who took on the challenge of selling this seemingly unsellable property. From the outset, Angela recognized that there were crucial factors that needed attention before the house could attract potential buyers.

Addressing Key Issues

The first step Angela took was to advise the family to ensure that all their paperwork was up to date. This seemingly small detail turned out to be significant, as it eliminated potential hurdles that could delay the selling process. Additionally, Angela’s keen eye identified a discrepancy in the meterage and floor layout of the property. This might have deterred potential buyers, but Angela saw an opportunity for improvement.

Angela worked closely with the family to rectify the meterage and floor layout discrepancy efficiently. By doing so, they not only improved the accuracy of the property’s listing but also ensured that potential buyers would have a clear and accurate understanding of the space they were considering.

Harnessing the Power of a Buyer Register

One of the standout features of Angela’s approach was her access to a vast database of potential buyers. Angela and the Hola Properties team utilized this database to their advantage. Before even listing the property publicly, they meticulously matched the house with suitable buyers from their network. This proactive approach meant that interested parties were contacted even before the property officially went live on the market.

From Frustration to Success

The results of Angeal’s efforts were nothing short of remarkable. Within a mere two weeks, the family received an offer for their property at the full asking price. Not only did the offer meet their financial expectations, but the buyer was also ready to commit with a deposit. Moreover, the notary date for signing the sale was set for the same month. This rapid turnaround was a testament to Angel’s dedication and expertise in navigating the real estate market.


The story of how Angela from Hola Properties helped this family sell their long-standing house listing is a true testament to the power of determination, expertise, and a fresh perspective. Despite years of frustration and unsuccessful attempts, Angela’s proactive approach, attention to detail, and access to a vast network of potential buyers turned the tide in favor of success. This story serves as an inspiration for both homeowners looking to sell their properties and real estate professionals striving to make a positive impact in their clients’ lives.

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