House for sale in Lanjaron

The one from far far away

Casa Francia – Real Life success stories – The one from along way away


On the market with 1 agent and trying to sell privately also

Time on Market before Lanjaron Property – almost 2 years

Time on Market with Lanjaron Property – 2 days

Time from offer to completion – 9 days

What do you do when you live over 600km away from the house you are trying to sell and you are not getting any interest or feedback from your agent? This should have been an easy move for the sellers. But from choosing the wrong agent to begin with, who didn’t even live in the area and was a small “one-man band” with limited opening hours, through to advertising errors and lack of constructive feedback from the agent, the sale was going nowhere. It’s a good job we have the experience to deal with this type of situation.

About This Home

Casa Francia is a well presented and modern looking 3-bedroom home with the added advantage of two terraces to enjoy the breakfast sunrise and the evening sunsets. It should have sold quickly and it should have sold easily. The family that owned the house believed this as well. They entrusted their sale to an agent who promised a lot but did not deliver on their promises.

What We Did

After a friend recommended that they speak to us to see if we could help, we did some preparation. Before meeting the owners, I did some research, as it is always important to know exactly what other properties we are competing with and how competitive the property is in the current marketplace. It’s also important to research current buyer requirements, both for the local market and the wider, international market.

We prepared a fresh marketing campaign, which included producing a professional video tour for the house to show it off at its best, coupled with new photos and a freshly written description. We also made a small correction to the price to bring it in line with current market conditions.

What Happened Next

After preparing the necessary professional marketing suite and digital media campaigns we started picking up the phone and calling our clients that were looking for this type of home. We quickly had a number of people who wanted to view the house and swiftly arranged viewings. The client that finally bought the house had no chain and had the cash available to buy. They had viewed various properties with us and we knew exactly what they needed.

A very good offer was made at almost the asking price and the seller was delighted. The offer was made on the Friday. The seller had travelled over 600km to meet us and had all the necessary paperwork to hand. We were able to liaise with a trusted legal adviser and the seller agreed to stay in the area to complete the sale quickly. The compra venta was signed the following Thursday and we attended the Notary to complete the sale the next Monday.

After almost 2 years on the market, the seller achieved their goal in just over a week. They were very happy that their friend had recommended speaking with us and the buyer was delighted with their purchase.

If you have a house on the market that is not selling or are thinking of moving in the near future, please feel free to call us and find out how we can help you become another success story.

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