What visa do I need to move to Spain

What visa do I need to move to Spain?

What visa do I need to move to Spain? As the allure of Spain’s sun-soaked coasts and rich cultural tapestry beckons, the dream of moving to this vibrant country is shared by many around the globe. At Hola Properties, we understand that the journey begins with navigating Spain’s visa system, an essential step towards making your Spanish residency a reality. Here’s an overview of the key visa types, tailored for diverse needs and aspirations.

Non-Lucrative Visa: The Retreat to Relaxation Ideal for those who wish to enjoy the relaxed Spanish lifestyle without engaging in professional activities, the Non-Lucrative Visa is perfect for retirees or individuals with sufficient means to support themselves without working. Applicants must demonstrate substantial savings or consistent passive income, such as pensions or rental income from abroad. This visa does not permit employment in Spain, ensuring that applicants truly have the time to savor the unhurried pace of life in Granada province, from the tranquil Lecrin Valley to the historic streets of Lanjaron.

Golden Visa: Investing in Dreams The Golden Visa program is Spain’s invitation to non-EU investors, offering a fast track to residency in return for significant investment. The most common route is through purchasing real estate worth at least €500,000. This option appeals to investors seeking a second home under the Andalusian sun or a foothold in the European property market. Holders enjoy travel rights within the Schengen Area and, after an initial one-year residency, can renew their permits for two years at a time, leading to a path to permanent residency and citizenship. There has been a recent announcement that the Goldne Visa is to be reviewed and possibly withdrawn, If you want this visa it is best to speak with us ASAP.

Digital Nomad Visa: Work Where the Heart Is The newly introduced Digital Nomad Visa is a game-changer for remote workers and freelancers. It’s designed for those employed by non-Spanish companies or self-employed individuals with international clients, allowing them to live and work legally in Spain. This visa suits the modern workforce’s flexibility, bringing the digital office to the charming vineyards of Orgiva or the bustling cafes of Granada city. With this visa, digital nomads can integrate work and wanderlust, enjoying a balance of productivity and exploration.

Self-Employed Visa: Unleashing Entrepreneurial Spirits For the self-starters and entrepreneurs, the Self-Employed Visa, or ‘Autónomo’, opens doors to business opportunities in Spain. This option is tailored for those who plan to establish their own business or work as a freelancer within Spain. Applicants must present a detailed business plan, proof of sufficient funds to invest in their venture, and relevant experience or qualifications. The Self-Employed Visa is the beacon for go-getters eager to immerse themselves in Spain’s dynamic market while enjoying the culture and lifestyle that the Granada province offers.

What visa do I need to move to Spain? Each visa serves a unique purpose and caters to a different lifestyle, investment goal, or work ethic. Understanding the nuances and requirements of each visa type is crucial in choosing the path that aligns with your aspirations and circumstances.

At Hola Properties, we’re more than real estate experts; we’re your guides on the path to a new life in Spain. We understand that finding the perfect property is just one piece of the puzzle. By ensuring you’re well-informed about the visa process, we aim to help you navigate the legalities smoothly and efficiently. With the right visa and a professional agent by your side, the picturesque landscapes and vibrant culture of the Granada province are within reach. Let’s make your Spanish dream a tangible reality.

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