Holiday rental rule changes 2024

Recent Changes to Tourist License Process for Holiday Lets in Andalucia in 2024

The process of obtaining tourist licenses for holiday rentals in Andalusia has recently undergone significant changes. The Junta de Andalucía has taken steps to refine the legislation governing the holiday rental market, aiming to balance the growth of tourism with local housing needs and the region’s charm as a destination​​.

Key Changes and Their Implications:

  1. Reduction in Number of Licenses: The Junta de Andalucía has decided to reduce the number of tourist licenses. This measure aims to regulate the market, ensuring a balanced distribution of tourism resources. This change could make it more challenging for new property owners to enter the holiday rental market​​.
  2. Impact on the area With many areas already experiencing tourist overcrowding, it is expected that there will be limitations and regulations on holiday lets. This approach is likely to be replicated across Andalucia​​.
  3. Quality Over Quantity: With a cap on licenses, property owners may invest more in meeting the required standards. This shift could lead to higher quality accommodations and a more controlled growth in the holiday rental sector​​.
  4. Minimum Requirements for Tourist Rentals: Properties must have direct ventilation, be sufficiently furnished, provide thermal conditioning, first aid kits, tourist information, complaint and claim sheets, and complete cleaning at guest turnover. A contact number must be provided to guests, and the house rules, including emergency plan procedures, must be clearly stated​​.
  5. Guest Record-Keeping: Owners must keep receipts and proof of payments for each guest occupation and make these available to the Junta de Andalucia or government administration office for one year​​.
  6. Booking and Cancellation Policies: Prices should be advertised per night, including utilities and cleaning costs. Written booking confirmation, including total price and extra charges, is mandatory. Owners can establish clear booking and payment terms, and a cancellation policy must be defined​​.

Looking Ahead

These changes reflect the Junta de Andalucía’s commitment to improving the quality and management of tourist accommodations. While these updates may pose challenges for some property owners, they are expected to enhance the overall standard of holiday rentals and contribute to a more sustainable tourism industry in the region. For those unsure about the new legislation, seeking professional advice or consulting the official guidelines is recommended.

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