But they said it would be online

But they said it would be online – When to change estate agents in Spain

The market is quiet In a tranquil village south of Granada, Maria found herself at a crossroads, not just geographically but emotionally and practically. Her cozy home, brimming with memories of family gatherings and lazy summer evenings, needed a new owner. Maria’s health was urging her back to her home country, closer to medical care and, most importantly, her grandchildren. The decision to sell was fraught with emotion, laden with the need to leave behind a life she loved for a future she needed.

Choosing a real estate agent felt like a small step in a much larger journey. She opted for an old-style local agent, comforted by their longstanding presence in the community and some house pictures in the window. “We’ll put it online,” they assured with a confidence that felt convincing. Maria, unfamiliar with the digital intricacies of modern real estate, trusted their approach, equating their long history with expertise. But as the weeks turned into months with little more than silence, her initial trust began to wane. The agent’s reassurances of “It’s just the off-season,” felt increasingly hollow as the months passed with no serious offers.

Maria’s days were punctuated by a growing frustration and the painful reality of time slipping away. Each day was another missed opportunity to be with her loved ones, each moment tinged with the growing realisation that she might have made a mistake in her choice of agent. This feeling was compounded by casual viewings from tourists more interested in a momentary peek than a serious purchase. The lack of feedback from her agent left her in a limbo of uncertainty, her life on pause while she waited for a buyer that never came.

It was during this period of doubt that her neighbor José, over casual conversation by the garden fence, suggested Hola Properties. “They’re different, really know how to market a place,” he noted, sensing Maria’s reluctance to admit her initial choice might have been misguided. The idea of switching agents felt like conceding failure, an admission that she hadn’t known best. But as her situation grew more desperate, so did her openness to change.

Reluctantly, Maria explored Hola Properties’ vibrant online presence, watching videos that explained their dynamic marketing strategies and client-centered approach. The contrast in proactive engagement and clear communication was stark. She reached out, half-hopeful, half-resigned, and was met with immediate and enthusiastic support. Hola Properties offered not just a plan but a partnership. They redesigned her listing with a professional video tour that captured the essence of her home and implemented a marketing strategy that targeted genuine buyers.

The change was palpable. Within weeks, Maria received two solid offers from qualified buyers, a stark turnaround from the months of uncertainty. The relief was overwhelming, not just from the sale itself but from the validation of her decision to shift to Hola Properties. The experience was a revelation in customer care and expertise, starkly different from her first foray into the market.

Maria’s story culminated in a bittersweet farewell to her home, packed with poignant last looks at rooms that echoed with decades of laughter and love. But more than anything, there was relief and excitement for the future. She was ready to turn the page, to start anew among family, with her health and heartache tended to, in a home that waited to be filled with new memories.

In retrospect, Maria’s journey through the complexities of selling her home was more than a transaction; it was a lesson in trust, adaptability, and the importance of choosing the right partners in any venture. Hola Properties didn’t just sell her house; they understood her urgency and emotional stakes, turning a difficult situation into a stepping stone towards her next chapter. For anyone navigating the treacherous waters of the real estate market, Maria’s experience underscores the value of working with professionals who are not only skilled in their field but are also committed to understanding and addressing their client’s unique circumstances.

If you fell let down and frustrated with your current house sale, just get in touch and find out how you can become “Hola Happy” now.

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