Protect yourself against currency fluctuations

Protect yourself against currency fluctuations

Are you considering buying or selling a property in Spain. If you need to move money overseas currency fluctuations will affect the price of your property. How can you manage this risk?

Know your target exchange rate & be realistic

Do your research on the exchange rate and decide what rate you’re prepared to transact at (and stick to it). Your currency specialist can monitor the exchange rate for you. If your target rate becomes available purchase your currency. Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security, just because the exchange rate improved today does NOT mean it will continue to improve tomorrow!

Secure your exchange rate now for peace of mind

If you need to buy or sell sterling or Euros for a property purchase or sale, consider purchasing the currency by way of a buy-now pay-later forward contract. Securing the exchange rate today for the full purchase or sale price gives you peace of mind of knowing exactly how much you are receiving regardless of exchange rate movements between now and when you complete. Keep calm and secure your rate!

Rely on experts to assist you

Keep in contact with your account manager, they’ll get to know you and understand your requirements. They’ll keep you informed of any currency movements in order to maximise your returns.

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