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Success Stories – How to sell my house in Spain – The one that didn’t exist

A real-life story about how to sell my house in Spain

Cortijo Del Camino – Real Life Success Stories – The one that didn’t exist!


Property Enquiries – 49

Virtual viewings – 2

Live viewings – 7

Time from sale to offer – 48 hours

What do you do when you own a property that doesn’t appear to exist. What if the property is not registered and so has so very real legal issues when it comes to selling?

Well, this was the case with this property and the seller was recommended by a friend to speak to us and find out if we could help.

The property history.

sell my house in spain
Property for sale in Orgiva Spain

This was a large property, for reform, that also had some land, but there were some major issues with the legal status of this property. Without going into a lot of technical detail, this meant that it was not suitable for most buyers and would need thoroughly investigating before proceeding.

What we did

Before we started any marketing it was vital to clarify the exact legal position of the property in order to ensure that any potential buyers would be fully informed prior to making any decisions on buying. We sought advice from an independent lawyer who is very knowledgeable in country properties and was able to provide guidance on the best way to proceed and to resolve the legal issues. We believe that it is vital for any prospective purchaser to be fully informed at the earliest possible stage of the legal status of a property and have no hesitation seeking advice from an independent lawyer

The result

Immediately that we went to market we had a large amount of interest from a wide range of local and international buyers. We ensured that every enquiry was made fully aware of the legal position and this quickly ruled out the great majority of potential buyers, many of whom did not understand how the legalities worked around properties in Spain and so needed some honest advice about this.  You can find more of our advice videos about this on our YouTube channel by clicking here

Ultimately our efforts resulted in finding the right buyer, who fully understood the legal position. We worked very closely with the buyer’s lawyer and our team spent many hours helping the seller to obtain relevant documents. This involved visiting the Ayuntamiento and the Notary several times both with the seller and separately. Much of this was to help clarify things for the buyer’s lawyer and ensure there were no hidden problems that might rear their head at a later date. This did take several months of work but finally, everything that was needed was obtained. The buyer’s lawyer was happy with everything and was able to advise his client to proceed. The seller was very happy that a difficult issue, that they would not have been able to resolve on their own, was sorted out.

Another happy ending for all involved.

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