House that sold in Lanjaron

Casa Comoda – Real Life Success Stories – The one that stood out!

Casa Comoda – Real Life Success Stories – The one that stood out!


On the market with 5 agents before Lanjaron Property
Virtual viewings – 3
Live viewings – 9
Time from offer to completion – 6 weeks

What could be better than this, a large house, well presented, with a pool and close to town? So why was it not selling? Well. Let’s take a quick look at some of the images the other agents were using to show the house in its “best light”. Now of course, sometimes, you can only photograph what is actually there, but would you be happy with this for your house? See the other images below that were being used. I’m sure you would agree that they were terrible.

The property history.
The house had been built approximately 20 years ago by a local family and so was well presented and had some nice land, with ample water. Some of the qualities that many international buyers want. There was however a question mark over part of the build, especially the pool. There were some cracks around it which could potentially have been a real problem. Could this have been putting people off buying when they saw them, they were after all very clear to see!

What we did
After taking the time to fully understand the reasons for the seller’s move and discussing in full detail how things had gone so far, it became clear that the seller had received very little feedback from their agents about what was happening. There had been no marketing reviews or genuine viewing feedback. The photos that were being used by some of the agents were quite appalling, there is an example below, When I discussed the obvious cracks by the pool, the seller was aware of them but had not had any feedback relating to this at all. I recommended that an architect conduct a proper inspection of this and provide a written report outlining exactly what work may be required. The seller took my advice and we arranged this. In turn, it did show some work was required, but not nearly as much as we both first thought. One of the most important things when dealing with a house sale is to understand that it is really about the people involved, Both buyers and sellers, Communication is the key to everything and by offering honest advice most obstacles can be overcome.

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What we changed
Now that we had the correct information in hand and given advice on the correct thing to do, we were able to fully inform all potential buyers about exactly what the cracks were and provide a copy of the report to them. This meant that there were no hidden surprises and buyers could clearly see what work was required. Nothing was hidden and buyers could trust in the independent report. With this information, we were able to commence our international marketing campaign, with adverts targeted specifically at the most suitable buyers for the house and in the countries where most of these buyers come from. Our digital marketing team created a fully thought-out campaign for the property.

The result
We commenced an international marketing campaign across our global network as well as revisiting our registered database of ready and able buyers. This resulted in a number of inquiries and viewings, both virtual and in person. The eventual buyer had seen the video tour of the house and was interested in viewing it. We explained the work required and sent a copy of the architect report. The buyer flew over to view the house and it matched everything that we had told them about it. They knew that there were other viewings, but had made their decision. An offer was agreed upon, and the reservation deposit was paid. There was a little bit of paperwork to resolve some minor issues, but this was done quickly and another happy buyer and seller were enjoying a completed transaction.

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