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Success Stories – The colourful one – Pinos Del Valle, Lecrin Valley

Casa Hermita – Real Life Success Stories – The colourful one.

On the market with 2 agents since 2019 before Hola Properties
Virtual viewings – 2
Live viewings – 4
Time from offer to completion – 6 weeks

Overview: Very well presented, recently refurbished and offering a lot of space. Located in a traditional village street with lots of charm and in a well thought of local village? So why was it not selling? Well. Let’s take a quick look at some of the images the other agents were using to show the house “at its best”!. The lead image is just a person standing on some stairs! When we asked the seller to describe the marketing plan that the current agents had in place, it turned out that they did not have one at all. We asked what the feedback had been from the current agents with their regular marketing reviews. Again, this had never happened. So it looked like another case of the old-style agents, just putting a poor image online and sitting back and waiting!

Lecrin valley Bad Image

Poor marketing image from other agent

The Property History
The house was originally built around 1920 but was fully reformed by the sellers over a number of years. This had been done in a modern style and reflected the style that buyers are currently demanding. The sellers had really put some thought and care into the modernisation and this shone throughout. However, life throws us all some curve balls now and again and their personal circumstances meant it was time to sell.

What we did

We fully reviewed what had happened so far and discussed this with the seller, including the current poor marketing, lack of a proper marketing plan and that there were no professional walkthrough videos of the property, Something that all overseas buyers ask for nowadays. It became quite clear that the current agents had not done any of this and we even called one of the agents to see what response we would get to an enquiry. Surprisingly, or not? They couldn’t help us when we called and promised a callback, This never happened! We wiped the slate clean for the sellers and put in place a proper marketing plan.

You can see the walk through video here

What we changed

With a full understanding of the seller’s needs and personal circumstances, it was clear that they needed some help to achieve their goals. We started out with a full marketing review designed to fit what the typical buyer would be looking for. This style of property tends to be popular with foreign buyers and we built the marketing plan around this. We started off by preparing high-quality images and creating a mini-movie, or walkthrough video tour of the property. These are in high demand from foreign buyers who will often want to see this before commenting to a viewing trip. With these in hand, we were able to move to the next step of a targeted marketing plan, identifying potential buyers and speaking to them and arranging viewing visits.

The result
Having commenced our international marketing plan, this quickly resulted in positive feedback and a number of potential buyers keen to view. After several viewings, a sale was quickly agreed upon very close to the asking price. A very happy ending to this success story and even with Christmas Holidays in the way, the sale was completed in under 6 weeks.
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