Common Buyer Questions – Be Ready To Answer These About Your Home

Be Ready to Answer Common Buyer Questions About Your Home

With any type of home sale, potential buyers will always have questions they want to ask. If you’re represented by a good real estate agent, he or she usually knows ahead of time the kinds of questions that’ll be asked because they’ve heard most of them in the course of their career. But there are many common questions asked and it will be helpful for you to know the answer to them. Potential buyers usually ask how much you pay for property taxes, water and utility costs, for example.

While any home might have a great sale price, the cost of running a home can significantly affect a buyers decision. You’ll often get questions on whether or not you have all of the paperwork to hand as well.

With so many horror stories flying around the internet of people being caught out when buying a house in Spain, Having all the paperwork available upfront is essential to instill confidence in a buyer.

Another question that’s usually asked is what the cost is to provide electricity to the home and the price of other utilities. If an electric bill is outrageously high, that can sway a potential buyer’s decision and this is becoming a big topic at the moment with rising energy prices. Of course, if you have solar then the full specifications of your system are very important to help a buyer make an informed decision. What one family uses won’t necessarily be what another family uses. If the utility bill isn’t a fixed one, tell the potential buyer an average of what he or she might have to pay.

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One of the main questions that buyers want to know the answer to is what the state and age of the roof is. While this information is usually in the listing description, buyers will still ask about it. That’s because replacing a roof can be an expensive endeavor – not to mention it can cause damage if it leaks. You might be asked if your home has a problem with insects like ants, spiders, roaches or if it has a problem with mice or woodworm in the beams.

Even if you don’t, but you did have in the past before you had the home treated, you may need to tell the buyer that. You may also be asked what is included in the purchase. Often here in Spain, this is almost everything apart from personal items, but it is very important for the agent to know the full details when showing the property.

Sometimes a common buyers questions is to ask why you’re selling the home. It’s more of a question geared toward protecting themselves than it is a truly nosy one. You might get asked about the neighbours. If you have a terrible neighbour, you may have to disclose that information. Potential buyers may ask you about the area – such as what the schools are like and what types of amenities are nearby.

Sometimes buyers will ask if you’re open for a price negotiation because they look at properties they can’t afford at the asking price, but could if it came down some.

If you’re someone who wants a full asking price and you know you’re not going to budge from that, tell buyers there’s very little wiggle room in the asking price. That way, they don’t waste their time and you don’t waste yours. However, also be aware of the current market conditions and how long the property has been on the market. Many buyers are put off by a property that has been hanging around for a long time. It makes them think that it is either overpriced or that they may have problems selling it again in the future. Be realistic on price.

Overall it is best to be prepared for all of the most common buyer questions that buyers ask and to have all of the necessary information to hand. Most importantly it is best to utilise the skills and experiecne of a professional agent who truly understands the buyers wants and needs and can asisit in the best way possible.

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