Lecrin Valley Property

Casa Colores – The one that needed to be sold within a quick time frame

The Backstory

Casa Colores in the Lecrin Valley wasn’t just a dream home, it was meant to be the forever home until things changed. Bought back in 2022, the seller had  purchased the property and renovated throughout as their retirement home and final house.  Yet, the purchase may have been in haste and one of the sellers yearned for a garden to grow vegetables and a space outside for their little dog to enjoy. They had a dilemma as the house they wanted could only be purchased upon the sale of their current property. The stress and worry of having to align the two to ensure they weren’t left without a home was difficult.

The Challenge

Fast forward to Christmas 2023, and Casa Colores was ready to move in to, it just needed the correct buyer at the correct time to make everything fall in to place. The owners had initially asked for help to sell with a few local agents, but didn’t really get the feeling that they were being listened to, the timing of the situation needed to be like a well oiled machine.

The Turning Point

Enter Angela from Hola Properties. The seller had heard glowing recommendations and seen Angela’s engaging social media presence. Intrigued, they decided to consult her for help. From the first meeting, it was clear that Angela was different. Her extensive marketing knowledge and the global network of agents that Hola Properties collaborates with impressed the seller immediately.

The Strategy

Angela wasted no time. She contacted her client base and matched the property to those seeking a home ready to move in to. Then, she crafted a comprehensive marketing plan tailored for Casa Colores. The property was a challenge to sell as only a year ago it had been for sale in its former state and of course people would wonder why it was for sale so quickly again.

The Breakthrough

After several viewings, Angela noticed a pattern in the feedback from potential buyers. She promptly conducted a marketing review with the seller, addressing the issues head-on. This strategic pivot paid off almost immediately, resulting in a viewing, offer and notary booking all in the same day!

One of the game-changers was a full video tour produced by Hola Properties, along with the drone aerial footage that captured the buyers attention as they knew they wanted a home with spectacular views.

The Triumph

The seller was beyond impressed with Angela’s proactive approach, structured feedback, and, most importantly, the quick sale of Casa Colores.

In the end, Casa Colores has become the dream come true for the new owner, and gave the seller the opportunity to move to the location they really did feel was their final home. All thanks to Angela and the exceptional team at Hola Properties.

If you’re stuck in a rut with your property sale, maybe it’s time to say “Hola” to a new approach. 🏡✨

The story of Casa Colores serves as a testament to the power of proactive real estate marketing and the importance of never giving up on your dreams, no matter how long they take to materialize.

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